The GGA Project -- Day #166 "Down by the Crick'"

Two weeks ago or so, as I roamed the greater southern Fremont region at lunchtime, I happened to notice a shady knoll by some kind of drainage-like creek.  I promptly filed it away as a spot to revisit another day.  A day like today!  It was beautiful outside when I went to lunch...about 67 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

I parked the car right by the grass, took my shoes and socks off, rolled up my pants and sat down on the grass to absorb some sunshine.  Last year when I went for a physical and got my blood work done, I was found to be pretty deficient in Vitamin D.  Not gonna let a summer roll by with a repeat of the same, if (or, since) I can help it.

Today's New Activity: Lunch Time Mini-Oasis

I'd brought with me a magazine and had about 25 minutes of pure, uninterrupted time to myself.  What a joy. 

And that's all for today :)

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  1. I love how the perspective in that last photo seems to show the book as quite enormous, Alice in Wonderland-style, with your tiny feet soooooo far away!