The GGA Project -- Day #170 "Un-Party"

After a weekend of celebration, I was ready to kick in for today and just take care of business!  I'm sure other parents out there can relate to the idea that it's really difficult to get things done when you work and you have children.  Despite all my best intentions to take care of things as they come up and keep a neat working area for all my crap, it never happens.  What I need is a full day to just get to it, head bent to the task.

And though there were Memorial Day festivities happening and I could have gone any old place in the bay today, I chose to spend it at home, catching up.  And while I can't say I've NEVER taken a similar day in my life, it's been a long long long long time since I engaged in anything that resembled

Today's New Activity: Super Spring Cleaning

Okay, Super is an exaggeration for sure, but I did manage to get through a mondo stack of reading/magazine clippings I'd let pile up for 2 months, cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed the floors and...drumroll....vacuumed my CAR!!

It's ridiculous to admit it here, but I really and truly think this may have been the first time I have ever vacuumed my car.  I always wanted to do so, but I never had one of those small vacuums that makes it easy. I went to the car wash regularly enough (and by regularly enough I mean once or twice per year or so--about on par with my haircut schedule), so they took care of it there, but it's been months since I did that, so a thin layer of particles of who knows what had gathered on the floor of my car.  Today I could look at it no more.

After all that I took care of some bills, organized my desk and did a little touch up on my closet.

By the time I had to leave to pick up Monkey I was feeling thoroughly refreshed and able to concentrate again.  I want to start new projects, and it's impossible to do without a clear mind, which for me is impossible to do without a clear work space and space in general...I feel like it's a reflection of my state of mind.

Which, at the moment, is very healthy and happy.  How nice to inhabit that space both physically and mentally now :)

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