The GGA Project -- Day #152 "POP"

Blogger had read-only capabilities for all of yesterday through this morning, so I'm blaming yesterday's title-only-for-two-days post and this next-day post on them.  I'm on my lunch now with no time, so I'll do all of my catching up later...

Not too much to report here.

Lately I've been digging on the little mini treats they're offering at Starbucks, namely the pink Birthday Cake Pops.  I like a little variety these days, though, so I decided to try something different.

Today's New Activity: Sharing a Tiramisu Pop Dessert

These little treats are just so cute!

But it's silly that I even went for this, given that I don't like Tiramisu.  What bothers me about it is the wet cake, which I know is half the point of the thing, but I knew that couldn't be happening here given that these pops are made and then shipped from somewhere else.  And while it's true that dealing with soggy cake was not a problem, I still didn't care for the flavor much.  Plus it was just too rich--almost gag-worthy.

Good thing somebody else had a taste for it:

Enjoy, Monkey of mine!  :)

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