The GGA Project -- Day #150 "The Making of a Loyal Customer"

Normally, if I don't bring my lunch to work, I'm troubled when trying to decide what to eat because nothing sounds good.  But today the opposite happened and everything sounded good.  And I wanted to try a pizza place nearby.  My coworker told me it was pretty good, and pizza just sounded awesome today.

Today's New Activity: Lunch at Premier Pizza

The only problem, when I got to Premier Pizza, was that it was 2 1/2 hours past the time that most people recognize as the lunch hour, so the only by-the-slice choices left in the warmer for their pizza + salad combo were Hawaiian and some kind of chicken.

I mentioned that I'm a vegetarian, and the man at the counter (might have been the owner, the way he was talking) said he could have a vegetarian pizza ready in 15 minutes.  At first I really resisted this idea.  I mentioned to him that--having worked in the restaurant business--I know that making a fresh pizza at 2:30 in the afternoon so that you can sell a person a single slice of it is not exactly a great way to make a profit.  But I also recognized that I wouldn't be eating there at all otherwise (though they have what look to be beautiful pasta dishes as well, I was hell bent on the idea of pizza at that moment).

I thanked him and said I'd love the combo with a slice of vegetarian.

Here's the thing I was thinking about when I sat down.  Though I know this wasn't the most profitable sale the restaurant has ever made in a single transaction, I knew

Ugh!  I've finished and published this blog once before, but some recent problems on Blogger's end caused it to disappear.  I may get back to rewriting it, but I kind of doubt it.  The gist is: Premier Pizza is super yummy and the service is great.  Wow.  Maybe all future blogs should begin with "The gist of it is..."

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