The GGA Project -- Day #141 "Speed Cut"

I've mentioned before that I am the world's laziest person when it comes to hair care.  For 9 to 11 months out of any given year, my hair is just a big mass of brown.  The remaining 1-3 months is just following a hair cut, when I  feel motivated to keep up whatever style has just been infused.

Part of what keeps me out of the salon for most of the year is that I just can't bear that time in the stylist's chair.  It's not that I'm afraid of the outcome; it's not like I ever go for any daring styles...it'd be pretty hard to screw it up.  It's just that I don't like devoting the time.  Because I have so much hair it takes quite a while to cut and forEVER to dry and style.

And I've just never been all that good at making the conversation with the stylist.  Only once have I stayed in an area long enough to even see the same stylist twice, so I don't have the kind of client/stylist relationship that would make me happy to go back and spend 2 hours sitting in this somewhat uncomfortable situation.

Today I stumbled into the perfect solution to this problem.

Today's New Activity: Hairstyle from the Rushed Beautician at Ulta

Since I rarely feel the desire to sit in that dreaded chair, it's best to strike while the iron is hot.  Given that it's Sunday, I realized I had few options when I decided to get my hair cut today.  I headed to Ulta, since I figured they were bound to be open, and they had one stylist on site.

That one stylist told me a client was due in right after her lunch break, but to check back to see if that client showed up.  When I checked back the client hadn't come, so the stylist, Ana, spirited me right over to the sink to start a-washin'.  Then, 20 minutes into my cut (which was already moving along at a crazy fast pace), the other client showed up.

To my shock, Ana said, "Ok I'll be done in a couple of minutes.  Just grab a magazine and have a seat."

Despite the fact that my hair is super straight, it has never taken less that an hour and a half to have done, start to finish.  I thought maybe she'll decided not to dry it or something.

But no.  Ana was just not interested in wasting any time.  Thank goodness.  Finally a stylist who's on the same page as me.  And I don't even care that it's probably not the best cut.  I can see the layers are a little chunky and my hair wasn't even all the way dry when I left, but I didn't care.  The cut was cheap ($30!), fast (45 minutes start to finish and she even added bangs) and left me the entire afternoon free to do other things.  I'll take the trade off again any day!


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