The GGA Project -- Day #169 "Chinese for Celebrate"

And who in the world could resist a celebration of this little guy?!

I can't.  So when my friends and new (second-time) parents Sharon and Rodrigo invited me to celebrate Calvin's arrival, I accepted.

Today's New Activity: Red Egg Party!

I'd never heard of a Red Egg Party, but it's a Chinese tradition that celebrates the one-month mark of a new baby's life.  I love the idea, because a baby shower happens before anybody gets to meet a new arriver, and the 1st birthday seems too long a time to wait to really celebrate a new life.  The first couple of weeks or so of a baby's arrival can be a little stressful--the adjustment period--but having a party one month into the whole thing seems perfect!

Oh my god, look at that feast!  All the food (except for the chow mein) was prepared by Rodrigo's parents, who used to own a restaurant and know all about making vast amounts of yummy food.

It was interesting to be among the invited guests at a party that was comprised entirely (with the exceptions of Sharon and I) of Portuguese-speaking Chinese folks.  Rodrigo's family has a fascinating history.  His parents were born in Mozambique, which was a Portuguese colony at the time.  Then, when civil war broke out, they relocated to Brazil, which is where Rodrigo was born and lived until they moved to Portugal.  Ultimately they ended up in the Bay Area, California, which somehow attracted a great many people from the same town in Mozambique.  Sharon told me that Rodrigo's parents had known a lot of the party guests since childhood.  I just love stories like that.

Anyway, we sat talking and catching up.  Sharon and Rodrigo just bought a house, so they have double the cause for congratulations.  Also, their older son Oliver is the happiest, spunkiest little guy, so it was just all around wonderful to spend the afternoon with this family.

Also, I just love spending time with Sharon and Rodrigo because they are refreshingly laid-back parents.  They, of course, take great care of their children, but they don't take the whole thing too seriously.  They have good senses of humor about themselves as parents and about their children.  You never feel like they are trying to compare or one up or emanate the idea of parental perfection.  It's purely enjoyable and relaxing to hang out with them.

Congratulations to Mama, Dadi-o, and big brother Oliver on your super cute new hang-out buddy.

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