The GGA Project -- Day #164 "Small Box'"

Have I complained about...er, mentioned before that I don't have a lot of free time these days for new stuff?  My lunch hours have become fertile ground for stolen GGA moments.

Every day one of five people who work at a local bookstore comes to the bank to make a deposit and get change.  Though I've worked at this branch for 2 months and pass by the sign almost every day, I'd yet to actually locate the bookstore itself.  The shopping center I work in is kind of strange.  It isn't near any residences at all, so I'm not even sure how people find and support the local stores...especially the hidden ones.  Today as I drove around looking for the bookstore, I found a little patch of 4 or 5 Korean restaurants, way far off the main street, tucked behind a car dealership.  How in the world are they all in business?

Anyway, I finally located the store in question and headed inside for 

Today's New Activity: Lunch Time at Half-Price Books

For some reason I was picturing a very small operation, like a little one-horse deal, one main front desk piled high with books and stacks of paper, and a single employee at a time perched on a stool behind those stacks, reading.  But Half-Price Books was a full-fledged bookstore, complete with a stationary section and a kids corner called "half-pint books" which I'd like to think is a reference to Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House in the Big Woods series.

Nothing jumped off the shelves that I couldn't live without, but the below title did catch my eye.

First of all, I have to wonder if the entire concept of this diet is given away with the title/subtitle.  How much book do you need to explain to people, "hey, eat a bunch before 9am and then take it easy after that?"  What I LOVE, is the idea that the diet asks that you eat big before 9am and then just eat normal after that.  Now that would be a diet I could stick to!

Nothing terribly interesting happened at the bookstore, but I was glad to have found it and to know it's there. I like the idea of being transported to a world of prose- and poetry-related possibility during my one hour of mid-day freedom :)

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  1. Always good reading! I love your descriptions that make me feel like I am there.