The GGA Project -- Day #149 "So *That's* How"

I mentioned last week that I'd started listening to podcasts as an alternative to, well, everything else...and in my explorations of the podcast options out there I came across Stuff You Should Know, which is one of many podcasts associated with the website howstuffworks.com.

I was immediately hooked on this show.  Not only do the hosts, Josh Clark and Charles Bryant do a WHOLE lot of research to break down every topic they explore (ranging from the Freegan movement to how igloos work to the physics of a nuclear meltdown), they are both obviously very smart and manage to share the info in the simplest of ways without ever making the listener feel dumb.  They also manage to do this without a hint of who's the smarter competition between them.  It is just 100% nice to listen to.

Anyway, I'd never heard of howstuffworks.com before, so I decided to check it out.

Today's New Activity: Knowledge FAIL, Via HSW Quizzes

The site has a whole bunch of goodies, including links to the podcasts and all their contributors, videos, forums (fora (?)) and just information EVERYWHERE.  Like, if someone were to ask, "hey where's the best place to get information, just general information?" (because people always do this), I would send him to this site.

So they also had a lot of games and quizzes, so I thought it'd be fun to test my general knowledge on a host of different topics, starting with the price of groceries today.  I thought for sure I would kick ass on this quiz because I pride myself on knowing the prices of the things I buy regularly, so I always know when an advertised sale is actually a good deal or not.  Apparently this self-pride on the subject was misguided because I think I only got 5 out of 10 correct.

A word though.  I think the quiz is unfairly skewed because two questions ask the costs of a pound of coffee and a six-pack of beer, and I answered according to the fact that I prefer the better-tasting (and usually therefor more expensive) in these categories.  Whatever...it asked for "average price," so I'm wrong either way.

I also sucked at quizzes on the subjects of kissing and sex, for whatever that's worth.

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  1. Hey, I posted here that I was leaving to head off to this site, but my post disappeared! In any case, it IS a great discovery. I, too, suck at groceries (but I don't eat chocolate, or drink beer or coffee!), but I am apparently quite in the know regarding kissing. I mean, according to the QUIZ!