The GGA Project -- Day #142 "Pod(cast) People"

The world of podcasts is one I've yet to explore much.  It's just one of those possibilities I never think about or feel I have the time for.  Until now, my podcast experience has been limited to shows I would listen to anyway but sometimes miss, namely Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and This American Life from NPR.

But there's a whole world of podcasts out there I'd like to listen in on if I can manage to fit them in somewhere.

Today's New Activity: Right up my Alley Podcast, "The Nerdist"

I knew I'd have some extra work commute time today, so yesterday I poked around on the podcast offerings from iTunes and found The Nerdist, which is Chris Hardwick's show.  I used to have a crush on Hardwick way back in the day when I was just out of high school and he was a host on Mtv's Singled Out.  It wasn't a physical attraction so much as a crush based purely on sense-of-humor....which happens to be exactly how I feel about The Soup's Joel McHale.  How fun to realize the two of them are friends when today I listened to an episode of The Nerdist starring McHale. 

For me, listening to these two joke around was like having my brother and his friend Adam at their funny best, right there in the car with me.  And what was remarkable to me about these two is that they're both such nice, down-to-earth and self-conscious people.  It's refreshing to hear famous people who don't come off as arrogant and over-compensatory.

And I also love knowing that people can still get paid to just do what they enjoy well, which in the case of these two is to observe the world and make fun of it.  The Soup is the only show I record on the DVR besides Glee, and it's always my pure pleasure to hear what McHale will say about the goofy train wrecks that make up reality t.v., and most of t.v. in general.

I honestly don't know how there are any radio stations still alive out there when there are so many other options.  I've now got about 20 different podcasts (5 shows, 4 episodes each) to listen to during my drives and other moments of quiet that are itching to be disquieted.

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