The GGA Project -- Day #49 "Let There be Light"

As may already be clear from the blogs I've posted, my Dad is my go-to person when I need to replace, fix, or otherwise make better pretty much any thing I can think of.  For a few weeks I've been driving with one headlight out, which is not only unsafe, it is pretty much the equivalent of begging the cops to stop and ticket me.  No bueno!

I've sort of been putting off replacing the light because, well, I didn't know how.  I thought it would involve carefully popping off the clear cover and then struggling to get it back on without causing any major damage.

Turns out it's nothing like that.

Today's New Activity: Learning to Replace a Headlight

Turns out, on certain models anyway, the headlight's bulb is actually replaced from under the hood.  And it's incredibly simple!  Well, it wouldn't have been if my Dad had had to do it himself.  His hands are too big to squeeze in the space between the bulb and the car's battery, so it would have been extra work for him.  But I was able twist it out without incident.  Then Pops just snapped in the new one, I twisted the contraption back, and that was it!

So this is not the most exciting of new activities, but it was a really good one because it's a lesson that it's often more work and worry to put off doing something than to just take care of it.  And anything that lessens potential interaction with the 5-0 is a good thing, in my book.

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