The GGA Project -- Day #23 "The Slide Park"

After all the rain we've been getting lately (yay for rain!) I felt lucky for the sunny day, and the chance to take the monkey out for a spell.

Today's New Activity: New Park with the Monkey

When my bro and I were kids, there was a favorite park we always went to, which we referred to as "The House Park."  I have no idea what the park was actually called, but we called it The House Park because the playground had a lot of structures that you could play around in as if you were in a house, or more like a tract of houses.

I have a feeling that Chupi will come to know this as "The Slide Park."  Check out this madness:






Wait, I'm not done...


Damn, look at all that slidin' just waiting to happen!!

It's like some kind of slide cemetery or something.

And then there were these funky things, which I thought were those speakers that kids can talk into and hear each other across the playground, but they were so close together it didn't make sense.  So I asked some middle school kids who were hanging out there, and they said they shoot water in the summer.  There's like 8 different little water canons.

Awesome!  I can't wait to take The Chup there in the summertime!  :)

At the end of our outing, I took him over to the nearby baseball/softball field, just to see how he looked on the scene (and picturing him wearing a Little League uniform (if he so chooses and is interested in that kind of thing :)

It's safe to say we'll be visiting here again.

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