The GGA Project -- Day #42 "Winter Hike"

Trails line the canyons on either side of my parents' house.  Despite having known this for more than a year, I haven't ventured onto any of them.  And it was a beautiful, beautiful day (not to rub it in, all you non-Northern Californians, but it was sunny and 68 degrees today.  Yeah.) to finally check one of those trails out.

Today's New Activity: Hiking (Literally) in the Backyard

I went with my Dad, since he's been mountain biking on these trails before and could show me the way.

I was so surprised to learn that this super shady and well-kept trail is just literally 5 steps off a road I travel up to six times a day.  There is a small creek that flows along the trail, so the hike had a pleasant gurgling soundtrack accompaniment.

We came upon a tree that had apparently been struck by lighting at the base, its limb now covering the walking path.

Ooh, so many beautiful, mossy trees

We walked the length of the 1.8 mile trail, which raises in elevation by about 800 feet in that distance.  The hike was mostly pretty easy, with not-too-steep inclines, well-spread out.  There were, however, two crazy steep hills, one of which just went on and on and on!  I really almost stopped about 3/4 of the way up that one, but had to rally with a bit of self-talk:  "What are you?  A quitter?!  You're no quitter!!"


What a lovely afternoon.

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  1. Oh, cool. I wish I could figure out how to take a toddler hiking. I think you have to have lots of muscles. Sounds like fun. It reminds me of how Nika will only go hiking if there is a bonafide waterfall or, pot of gold at the end of it.