The GGA Project -- Day #33 "Scritch Scratch"

Today a customer came into the bank depositing a check for $15,000 from the state of California.  I didn't hear the beginning of the conversation, but my coworker Geisell got it out of him that he'd won the money playing the lottery.


Or, to be more exact: Scratcher!

Just one.  Christmas Eve.

He said he'd never ever bought a scratcher before and that he was totally drunk and just, for no reason, asked for a $3 Bingo scratcher card.  He actually won $20,000, but the after-tax take-home was $15,000 and some change.  (Actually not as bad as I thought.  I thought winnings of that nature were taxed at 50%).  Anyway, so off course, after the customer left, Geisell and I were talking about how nice it would be to turn $3 into 15K.

We both decided to give it a try.

Today's New Activity: Buy a Lottery Scratcher

I've bought plenty of Lotto tickets before, but not scratchers.  They just remind me of old ladies.  Oh and whoah!  I love old ladies, don't get me wrong.  I just am not one, so I don't want to feel like one quite yet.

I bought three tickets, and two were a total bust.  But check out this little glimmer of hope:

Free Lottery ticket!

When I came back from my lunch, I told Geisell about the ticket, and told her that our nearby gas station was out of the Bingo scratcher.  She wouldn't buy one after that!!  She is convinced that she can only win in the exact same way as the customer she'd helped.  Hey, wait, does this mean she's gonna get drunk first, too?  :P  "But Geisell," I exclaimed, "what are the chances of it happening twice?!"  She said she didn't care...that she had to do it that way.  Okay Geisell, good luck  :)

Given that I still have a free lottery ticket coming my way, I may still just pull it off--that big win, that is.  So, if you see my new activities suddenly become a wee bit more extravagant, you'll know what's up.


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  1. good luck! here's to the free ticket turning into the big one! :)