The GGA Project -- Day #38 "You Don't Say"

In the interest of keeping my job and avoiding going into stuff I'm not eager to share yet about all the analogies and connecting lines to what I've been experiencing in the past half year, I will not go into the details of

Today's New Activity: Speaking my Mind

Hey Vaguey McVague, what gives?  I know, it's kind of lame to choose a new activity I can't really write about, but I just want to share that it was a truly refreshing experience.  It made me know, once and for all, that I have indeed grown as a result of recent, trying times.  I am closer to being the kind of person whose example I will be proud to show to my son.

And I will say that it's not that I've never spoken my mind, but never in this context, never in the midst of intimidation, and never without becoming shaky or wanting to cry.  Today's feeling was all new...full of strength and true self worth.  A nice change.

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  1. good for you! it feels good to speak your mind and say what's right! especially to people who try to intimidate us. boooo!