The GGA Project -- Day #24 "Scissor Kick"

As mentioned before, I can get a little bored of the same fitness routine.  So I was happy to discover, in my Mom's dvd collection, a five-part series of pilates workouts from Mari Winsor.

I had been thinking of looking into pilates because I was advised that practicing it regularly might assist me in a GGA playdate I have planned for a few months from now.  Haha...I just realized how ambiguous that sounds.  I think I'll just leave it hanging like that...

Being nothing if not an obedient student, I thought I'd go ahead and, for Today's New Activity: Give Pilates a Try

I like the idea of a practice that gets me fit in different ways than I accustomed to, I'd love to switch it up a bit, and all the super fine-bodied actresses seem to dig pilates.  No obvious downside here.

I chose two workouts:  the abs; and the bun & thigh workout (incidentally, I really dislike the word "bun" or "buns" or "tush" or the worst: "heiny."  I vote for "butt" or "ass."  Just for the record).  The bun and thigh was fine...felt some burn but the good kind.

The abs workout was pretty good for the first three quarters through, until I got to this ridiculous move that I still can't even figure out, logistically.  See, the only bad thing about this set of workouts is that they all involve some patented resistance band (and she's sure to point out the "Winsor Logo" every time she's describing where on the band to place your hands) that seems to have gone AWOL.  I used a somewhat stretchy scarf I have instead, and that worked fine for most moves.  But this one I'm talking about...I just have no idea.

I tried to find a clip of the exact move on Youtube but I can't.  Too bad because I was excited to invite any readers to give it a try and report back.  Anyway, it was all good, excepting that.  The best part was that I could do it in the room where Chupi is sleeping, so I didn't need to kick anyone off a T.V. or put on a workout performance in the middle of the living room for the benefit of the household.

Oh, but the funny thing about these particular dvds is that the guru herself, Mari Winsor, never actually does any working out.  She just hovers above these other people telling them what to do and offering up the occasional encouraging phrase.  Here, check her out:

No matter; I'm sure she's done her time in the torture chamber.

Anyway, I'll be happy to get some more practice and be able to work out to these videos without the spaz out interludes.  And maybe I'll be ready for that playdate when the time comes...

Heard Words
And in a new segment I'm introducing just because I love words and know I have other word nerd friends out there:  Here are some good, rarely-used-in-conversation words I was happy to hear recently:  "halcyon," used by a county employee I had business with:  "I have no doubt these submissions were meant to depict the more halcyon days."  And then "svelte," used by a friend referring to the holiday eats:  "But I'm afraid I'm not as svelte as I was two weeks ago."  Finally, "demagogue," used by another friend via chat:  Me: "BTW do you own stock in this company or something? [he was pushing a techie thing on me]  Friend:  "No, I'm just a demigog (sp?)" I dock victory points on that one, however, on account of misspelling, for the record :P

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