The GGA Project -- Day #48 "Another Man's Treasure"

This afternoon had me out with the monkey, scouring the local thrift store for an outfit to wear to the pick-a-decade-any-decade theme birthday party I'm attending tomorrow night.  The shopping trip was a total bust, as 90's frump isn't what immediately comes to mind when I think of dressing up fun for a party.  I may have to find my way down to Moon Zoom tomorrow for some genuine vintage threads.

Anyway, while we were out in lovely, picturesque downtown Hayward (and I joke, but there are some surprisingly quaint little pockets of my new town), it occurred to me that I'm not often enough out on the streets, exploring the shops and whatnots where I live.  When I lived in downtown San Jose, I walked everywhere, had ventured into a good majority of the establishments within walking distance, and felt like I knew the place pretty well.  Hayward and I...we're as yet still acquaintances.

So after the Salvation Army I ventured my way across the street to a little spot I've passed many dozens of times and had so far only intended to check out.

Today's New Activity: Visiting the Local Consignment Store

This man is running to get there!

Meh, the consignment store was a let down.  Stuff was overpriced and to be honest, not that interesting.  The walls were covered with so much terrible art it was difficult to even focus long enough to try and pick out a gem in there.

I would have taken pictures of some of the more unique or intriguing items for sale, but the owner woman was pretty consistently around (I think people are generally a little freaked out when shoppers take pictures in their store), and honestly there just wasn't anything pretty enough, different enough, or even funny enough to warrant sharing.

No matter.  It was nice to be out and enjoying the afternoon for a spell.  And it did make me want to spend more time appreciating my very immediate surroundings.  I blogged about this in the beginning of the month, but I was talking about San Francisco then.  I can do A LOT more in the way of exploration where the East Bay is concerned.

Looking forward to it...

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