The GGA Project -- Day #25 "Lunch with Ducks"

I don't know about y'all, but I can go pretty crazy being indoors all day.  The bank I work at has two full walls of windows, so that's really nice.  But still, it's indoors.  Not only that, our break room has no windows and shines the most terrible, depressing fluorescent lighting ever.  Plus, somebody is always watching a crap judge show in there, and passing my free hour in that way is definitely not a very inspiring departure from work.

I was super bummed to learn, on my first day working there, that the rather large shopping center where the bank is located does not have a single bench outdoors for sittin' and PB & J-ing on, if one were so inclined.  It seemed I was destined to spend my lunch hours in my car (which I do sometimes, and that's ok I suppose).

There is really nothing, nothing at all in the way of outdoors attractions in Newark, aside from Ardenwood Historic Farm (which is actually pretty awesome, in a quaint and mellow kind of way).  They have animals there for the kiddies to behold, an old Victorian home to tour, rows and rows of beautiful organic crops, a big old shed full of outmoded farm equipment, and a horse-drawn train ride (yes, I said a *horse*-drawn train ride).  I visited there with my friend Ramon a few months back, and I found it to be quite charming.  But the farm is too much for a lunchtime trip.

So I was happy when a coworker mentioned spending lunchtime at a nearby lake.  Lake?  Since when?   And I decided to spend my lunch doing

Today's New Activity: Lunch at Lakeshore Park

"Lake" is perhaps on the generous side.  It is better described as a really big pond which seems to have been very purposefully placed there to add property value to all the nearby tract homes.  It doesn't matter; it still attracts the beautiful geese and ducks and plethora of other birdies that any legit lake would.

Even the half hour I spent sitting outside in the sun (what a beautiful day, too, especially for the middle of winter!) was refreshing, and a much better way to pass the lunch than with Divorce Court.

And I am totally spent without an ounce of workable brain power left.  So I will end this abruptly without even so much as glancing to check that I've made any sense at all.

Before I go though, a word of advice:  Don't ever eat at Olive Garden.  I did on accident tonight.  You (all of us) can do much, much better, especially for the downright silly prices they're charging these days.

Ok, toodaloo.

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