The GGA Project -- Day #41 "Potatoes & Cheese Forever"

At Target the other day, I bought a sack of potatoes.  I couldn't resist; they cost like $1.74.  But even as I was buying them, I was thinking 'how am I going to make use of an entire SACK of potatoes?'  Enter

Today's New Activity: Making Potatoes Au Gratin

Turns out if you add all of the below pictured ingredients and bake for like and hour and a half

regular old potatoes become this bubbling mass of joy

Man alive!  It was a pretty simple recipe, too.  So that was a double win.  They tasted good, but next time I will use heavy cream instead of milk (because as you can see, there isn't nearly enough fat in the recipe as is!) and mix in some sharp cheddar along with the medium for a little extra kick.

I followed the serving with a trip to the gym in an attempt to lessen the potential damage.  But mighty failure occurred when I returned from the gym to find the pan still cooling on the counter.  Just one more bite!...or five.  

Heard Words
Briefly, it's another installment of too-rarely-used words I heard in conversation recently.
Waylaid:  "I would have been here sooner, but I was waylaid."
Dapper:  "I got new pants and shoes and am feeling pretty dapper."
Untoward:  "I would hate to find out that customer was doing anything untoward.  He's such a nice man."
Ok, that is all.

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