The GGA Project -- Day #39 "Topless"

Would you believe this was my Mom's idea?!  Yeah...we were riding along in her car, on the way home from Target, Chupi in the back seat, when she asked, "What are you going to do for your new thing today?"

I said, "I don't know yet...I was just thinking about that."

And she said, "Have you ever flashed a trucker?  That would be fun, wouldn't it?!"

Hahaha.  Kiiiiiiidddding, of course.  Silly goose.  What she really asked was, "Have you ever driven a convertible?"

I thought about this for a second, and it turns out I hadn't.  Hard to believe...I've been driving for 16 years now.  Not only that, I've only ridden in a convertible (in the converted state anyway) I think, maybe two times in my life, the most recent occasion being more than ten years ago.

Today's New Activity: Driving a Convertible, Top Down :)

We didn't want to drive on any major, busy streets with the monkey in back, so we waited until we were on the mellow, two-lane road that leads home off the freeway, and we switched seats.  She put the top of her cute little VW Beetle down, and I was off.

Oh, and it was such a beautiful day for it, too!  I can't believe the wonder of living in a place where the sun shines warmly and we can ride around with the top down in the middle of January.

I've been thinking/talking a lot lately about wanting to buy a motorcycle, and mostly what I like about motorcycle riding is the feeling of traveling outdoors.  To my surprise, driving the convertible felt a lot more like that than I would have imagined.  Of course it didn't feel like it feels to ride a motorcycle, but that closeness-to-nature sensation was definitely there.

My long hair, left down, was surely not the best idea.  If I'd been on a longer drive I would surely have found a bit knotted freak show on the top of my head by the time we reached our destination, but thankfully it was only a minor disaster.

I could easily get used to this new activity, so I hope my Mom won't mind finding the gaping hole in the garage where her "June Bug" usually sleeps.


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