The GGA Project -- Day #44 "Breakfast of All-City Quarterfinal Distant Runners-Up""

It's very rare that I eat fast food these days.  It's not that I'm all high and mighty about my food choices (though I know a lot of people think the choice to be vegetarian itself reeks of holier-than-though snobbery--I hope I have never in my life given off that kind of vibe, at least not about the vegetarian thing.  I certainly give my Cheetos-for-breakfast friends a hard time and Momish lectures about food.  But I can also get down with 7-11 nachos or a half-box of macaroni and cheese burrito now and then.  Yes, you read that right).  It's just that there really aren't many good veggie options at fast food restaurants, and those offered tend to be stick-shaped and deep-fried, and leave me feeling bloated, and sad.  Which reminds me of

Today's New Activity: BK Breakfast

There is a Burger King a stone's throw from my workplace.  I tend to ignore it, except for on the two occasions when I went there for lunch (they make a surprisingly decent veggie burger!).  But three days in a row I've cut my drive-time too close to make it to Starbucks before work and drove on through for some weak-but-tolerable coffee from BK.  This morning I was also hungry, so being the sophisticated foodie that I am, I sprung for these hot mamas:

Those, my friends, are funnel cake sticks.  That, my friends, is a mini-vat of icing meant to make more pleasurable the funnel cake sticks.  This, my friends, is a bad idea.  It's especially a bad idea at 8:30 in the morning.  I would say it was something less than a breakfast of champions, for sure.

So this is a good time to revisit that conversation I mentioned in yesterday's post, wherein Kelsi asked if I'm finding the new activities to be less appealing than the things I'd always done.  Yesterday I'd said that I was actually finding myself wanting to repeat many of the days' new activities.

Today...yeah, today is not one of those days.

In other news....Get it?  "News?"  As in "new" as in "new activity," but plural?  Eh?  Eh?


But there is something else.  Today I went in for another session of acupuncture.  I've been going somewhat regularly, and my acupuncturist has been working on trying to improve my circulation (I typically have the kind of iceberg feet you'd recoil from if you met under the covers).  He's actually made some progress, as I don't feel quite the usual sting of cold when I'm un-socked, and I haven't recently been embarrassed to shake hands with people, feeling the need to apologize for the sudden jolt of icey unpleasantness I'd offered by way of greeting.

Today, he busted a new tool out of his bag-o-tricks.  Moxibustion, or "Moxa."  I'd never heard of this before.  It is apparently a very old traditional Eastern medicinal technique that involves what looks like a super thick stick of incense, made from something called mugwort herb. 

This is one he gave me for use at home.

What he did was light the end of it to a point where it becomes like a thick, burning ember; then he waved it very close to my skin at points on each of my hands, legs, and the bottoms of my feet (that part was tricky since I'm absurdly ticklish on my feet (not helpful when he was looking for the right point to target) and was furthermore a little freaked out by the fact that he was approaching the bottom of my foot with a supersized matchstick!)

The funny thing about the treatment was that "you're done when it's too hot," as he told me.  So basically it's like when your skin starts to feel like it's burning, you're good.  I'll be interested to see if and how it enhances the treatment he was already doing. 

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