The GGA Project -- Day #32 "Cookie Whim"

This morning at our inspiring, pre-work "huddle," my manager was giving suggestions on how we can discover things about customers who are there to open personal checking accounts, leading to possible add-on sales.  For example, we could find out if there was a need for them to open a business checking account by asking this casual, easily-worked-into-conversation question: "So, do you sell cookies as a side job?"

I don't think I missed anything.  I believe I've told it exactly as it happened.

So of course I found this sales strategy less-than-promising and immediately tuned out the rest of the meeting.  What resonated, however, was this brilliant key word: cooooookieeeees.

I spent the rest of the meeting thinking about cookies and how I needed to make some the moment I got home from work.  The thing is, I don't have my tried-and-true Mrs. Fields' cookbook unpacked now, and I don't really trust an untested recipe.  Plus, in the spirit of my life these days, I wanted to make a kind of cookie I'd never made before.

Enter my friend Colleen.  Colleen is a woman I used to work with who has gone on a cookie-makin' RAMPAGE  recently.  I see her beautiful pictures of the cookies she makes posted on Facebook, and they make me want to reach through the screen and attack!!  I asked her if she had a favorite recipe for the cookies I wanted to make and she came through promptly with the link to one she'd been wanting to try.  Stopped on the way home for a few missing ingredients and was well on my way to

Today's New Activity: Baking Chocolate, Semi-Sweet and White Chocolate Chip, Macadamia Nut Cookies

I never used to like chocolate cookies.  Chocolate chip cookies...yes.  But I always thought chocolate cookies were kind of not-so-good.  Something changed recently for my taste buds, though, and I was suddenly down to depart from my predictable Pecan, Chocolate Chips.

So thanks, Colleen, for the recommendation.  It led to this:

Richest dough ever.  And this:

Baking times all wrong (oven's fault)! Then these:

Mmmm.  They turned out pretty good.  I had to restrain myself though, because apparently my Mom had the same wild baking impulse, and she created this lovely hunk of happiness:  a graham streusel cake with double the called-for topping and icing, to boot.

Hot damn.  It was a good day for eating in these here parts.

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