The GGA Project -- Day #200 "For Another Time"


Today's New Activity: Is One Big Ball of Things I Can't Write About

Not because they (I took multiple steps in new directions) are secret or too intimate or incriminating, haha.  Just because the time is not right to share about them just yet.  I share a lot--and pretty freely--on this blog.  So if I'm saying that, it must be the case.

On a side note: I'd hoped to do something very cool for the big Day #200 of this project, but I pretty much spent the day cleaning and then driving back from Nicole's parents' cabin (thank you Chris and Tom!!!) and getting the Monkey to his dad's.  It was the tail end to a wonderful 3 days away from civilization--well, away from Internet access anyway, hence the missing/late blog posts.  I made sure to make it to town to have access enough for quick placeholder posts, but for the most part it was absolutely wonderful to have a phone in my possession that could do nothing more than stop doors.  Kind of a relief to take a break from all of the everything.

So I abandoned a late-in-the-game desire to go dancing somewhere tonight to let out all the balled up energy I had and capitalize on the super groove I was feeling and spent the rest of the evening sort of blogging, sort of chatting, sort of just hanging out in a chair at Starbucks, thinking about the week's and day's events.

Not a bad way to wind down.

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