The GGA Project -- Day #178 "Past Yer Bedtime"

About a week ago I asked my Mama if she'd be down to see a movie with me this week.  I've been working so much and driving so much when I'm not working, the only time I've seen her lately is at the dinner table.

At our house there is a definite routine wherein--after dinner--I take the Monkey to the bath and, eventually to bed, my Dad retires to the office, and my Mom catches up on DVRed shows.  A good portion of the time I'll plop on the couch in my pj's and write my blog or try to read.  It's a nice, comfortable routine, but I was looking to switch it up.

My parents aren't usually out after dark.  I know my Mom doesn't like to drive in the dark, but beyond that I'm not sure where the homebody tendencies come from.  Maybe the things that are going on at night aren't of much interest to them....or maybe, like many people, they are simply happiest and most comfortable at home.

I've been wanting to see Bridesmaids but didn't want to spend time during the day on my days off doing it, so I hatched the plan to bring my Mama out on the town for

Today's New Activity: A Night out with Mama

My Mama works all day long at home, taking very good care of Monkey while I'm at work.  I wanted to have a little change of pace with her and to see her enjoy some time out at the end of a long day of toddler care.  By the way, if you've never spent the day with a toddler it may not seem like hard work, but it really is.  They are everywhere and into all sorts of crazy stuff they're not supposed to be into and they want your constant attention and will do whatever it takes to get it.  They run a lot and throw things a lot and rub things in their hair a lot.  It's quite a workout to have one in your charge for a few hours even, let alone all day.

Anyway, my Mama was up for it.  Yay!.  So after I put the Monkey to bed we headed out to Dublin to catch a 10 o'clock show.  Ten o'clock!!  That might as well be 4 am for my Mom!  :P  And the movie was 2 hours long, to boot.  That's unprecedented.

What you've heard about the movie is true: it's super funny and has a scene in it that is hilarious in all its raunchiness.  Good thing I'm down with potty jokes.  There was a good minute long period where I couldn't catch my breath or make a sound for laughing so hard.

It was a wonderful Mama/daughter night out and we both agreed we need to do it more often.  It's wonderful to spend time with people you love in slightly different contexts: next time I'm taking her out for karaoke :P

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