The GGA Project -- Day #192 "Cahs"

Oh I had so many brilliant plans for tonight.  I was gonna leave work, feed my son, but him to bed, quick turnaround and take off for San Jose for an open mic I've been wanting to check out.

But it finally occurred to me this morning (after having held this plan in mind for about 3 weeks now) that I didn't want to feed and put to bed my son and quick turnaround.  Not after being away all day.  And also, the open mic ends at 10, so no matter what it wouldn't have been worth it.

Plan B:

Today's New Activity: Family Movie Night, Monkeys Included!

On the rare nights when I watch a movie with my parents (and usually fall asleep), I do so after my son is already in bed.  The only movies he's ever watched with me were Aladdin months back when the whole family was vomit-crazy sick and I needed him to just chill out for a while in his high chair while I napped, and Rio, which I wrote about taking him to see in the theater a few weeks back.

This was the first time we've all sat down to watch a movie together at home, and it was really nice.  We watched Cars, since my Dad and I want to take Monkey to see Cars 2 sometime next week and I'd never seen the first one.

The munchkin squirmed a bit here and there and definitely wanted to switch around laps throughout the movie, but he mostly focused and paid attention, thought he's too young to get any of the jokes.  He does love cars (or, ahem, "Cahs") though, so the movie had that going for it.

And I have to say that being a Mom now, I really really love family movies.  I love the sweet messages and the happy endings and the feelgoodness of them.  Not like I didn't like family movies before but I definitely didn't go out of my way to see them.  And how can you go wrong with Pixar, really?

It was a really nice end to a very long day at work.  And now that Monkey is tucked away into bed and I've got the quiet of the family room to myself, I can finally relax completely and melt into the night.  Ahhhhhhh

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