The GGA Project -- Day #190 "Sweet & Salty"

Some time last week one of my coworkers mentioned a recipe, and the moment he mentioned it I knew I'd be making it for my Dad for Father's Day.  And so was borne

Today's New Activity: Making Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Bacon Cupcakes with Maple Glaze Icing (and there's coffee in 'em too!)

I know you want the recipe.  I know you do.

Unfortunately--being vegetarian--I didn't get the chance to actually taste the recipe in its full glory.  But I did pour a tray's worth of cupcakes aside for Monkey and I before I stirred the bacon in, and those turned out to be pretty damned good!

The only issue I had was that the directions for the frosting didn't work at all.  What was supposed to be frosting turned out much closer to a glaze.  I'm fine with very little frosting, but I'm sure a lot of people out there would like something more substantial in the way of frosting.

Still, my Dad and Mom both liked the cupcakes a lot, so I considered it a successful new addition to the repertoire.  I'm a big fan of salty and sweet in combination, so I certainly understand how it could be good in theory.  Maybe I'll just have to start exploring bacon alternatives :)


  1. love it! you lil baker, you! i still dream of your chocolate chip banana bread!!! yumalicious!

  2. No. I can't even begin to list all the ways this recipe is just *wrong.*