The GGA Project -- Day #180 "Mucking Through"

Today I came home from work in a bit of a funky haze.  I myself hadn't even identified its source until I started talking with my parents about my feelings.  And when I got to the source of it, what I discovered was a smack in the face reality check that left me feeling very, very sad.

It's always good to talk through these things, and my parents are excellent listeners.  My Mom acknowledged that yes, what I was saying was true.  But she also gave me what I felt was the final sort of validation that the choice I wanted to make was okay...that I didn't have to continue what I felt was an uphill battle that would almost surely leave me feeling depleted and would not, ultimately, be worth the time or frustration involved.

Today's New Activity: Closing a Chapter

Sorry to be vague in this post.  I'll tell you all about it over a cup of coffee or three sometime.

It's just that I finally reached a realization tonight that helped me know what to do next.  But it also left me feeling exhausted (did I say smack in the face?  It was more of a thump over the head :P)

So I'm gonna go sleep it off...

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  1. sending good thoughts your way. always up for a cup of coffee (or pearl tea!) if you need to/want to talk about it. love you mama.