The GGA Project -- Day #187 "The Buzz"

This is a quickie.

Today's New Activity: Afternoon Pick-me Up

Last week my boss came in to work with a cup of iced Vietnamese coffee.  If you've never tasted a cup f pure joy, you've never ordered a Vietnamese coffee.  It is just espresso and sweetened (make that SUPER sweetened) condensed milk over ice, but I swear it is the most brilliant thing ever poured.

It's been a long long time since I've had one, so I'd mentioned that I'd love for him to pick me up one next time he went (there are no Vietnamese restaurants or coffee shops in the area) and then promptly forgot about it.

Apparently he bought one for me this morning and then promptly forgot about it himself.  But this afternoon he busted it out of the fridge, with "oh!  And I forgot this!"  It was one of the best surprises ever.  It came right at the super boring, low point in the afternoon and instantly transformed my mood.  I'm pretty sure every afternoon would be better if it included this special treat, so I'm going to find away to make that happen once in a while.

And more bosses would be smart to provide Vietnamese coffees to their employees.  I'm pretty sure I've never moved the line faster or been quicker to close up shop.  I was even eager to do all the clean up following a networking event our bank hosted in the afternoon.  :)


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