The GGA Project -- Day #191 "Not Your Mama's Ranch"

Well this is about as exciting as a stick.

Today's New Activity: Ginger Sesame Salad Dressing

So yesterday I went grocery shopping and bought the fixings for salad to make for lunches this week.  When I went to pick out salad dressing, I decided to opt for something I would never normally pick, which was Ginger Sesame.

Thing is, I love sesame, and I like ginger *flavor* but I can't stand actual ginger.  So this was a big gamble.

And tonight I made a salad and tried it.  And yum!  Sooo flavorful!

And that is all.  I'm super tired because poor Monkey was up until after 3am with a tummy ache (first time for that), and so of course I was too.  I'm really really really looking forward to dreamland tonight!


  1. sorry that the little monkey was feeling sick! my lil one has the green goop in both eyes! :( hope you get some good sleep tonite! and yay for trying new things! i still want to try every drink on the list at quickly from 1 to 300-something! (but i'm sorry, i will skip the taro and anything with "egg" or "mung" in the title)

  2. LOVE sesame ginger, but so sorry for the wee one's aches and pains...Hope he's a spunky monkey today!