The GGA Project -- Day #185 "Worth Its Weight in Clay?"

On the hunt for a costume for my friend Denise's Nintendo-themed karaoke birthday party (Happy Birthday, Denise!), I was looking for a respectable thrift store in Fremont.  I wanted to go on my lunch since I am short on time to find this costume, but I wasn't familiar with any thrift stores near my work.

Today's New Activity: Strike Out at Thrift Town

Posing the question to my long-time-Fremont-resident coworker led me to Thrift Town, a large well-stocked spot about 2 miles away.  I've written before about my love/disgust/mostly love relationship with life's second hand peddlers, and there was nothing particularly worthy of comment about this place.

I was looking for a big pink poofy dress that I could wear with a tiara and go as Princess Toadstool (who, it seems, is actually called Princess Peach...which I find strange given that when you rescue her at the end of Super Mario Brothers the game refers to her as Princess Toadstool).

But anyway, I didn't find a suitable dress.  Or a suitable anything really, save this framed (framed!) picture of Clay Aiken from Bop magazine.

At $3.99 I can't tell if this is highway robbery on the part of Thrift Town or a steal on this year's family gag Christmas gift exchange.

And that is all.

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  1. i hope you bought it and wrapped it up for a poor unsuspecting soul! what a fun and charming human pastime. you must take me to this "thrift town."