The GGA Project -- Day #184 "A Thrill a Minute"

Oh man, I was so bummed to have to spend the day at work instead of at home with Monkey and my parents and my Bro on the last day of his visit.  Thankfully, the day went pretty quickly.  And I chose to give in to a little Tapioca Express treat, which I haven't done in weeks.

I knew there'd be dinner waiting when I got home (awesome), and family talkin' and movie watching tonight.  So it'd have to be a quick and easy one for

Today's New Activity: Strawberry Green Tea

Yeah, so nothing too exciting here.  But it was yummy and not as filling as the milk teas I usually drink.  And SO refreshing.  Perfect for the summer-like days that have FINALLY arrived here in Northern California.

And as a complete sidetrack thought: I can't wait to get to the beach.  Thank you summer days...we're so glad you've come :)

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  1. yummy! i've been jonesin' for a jasmine milk tea with strawberry jelly but, alas, they have been out of said flavored jelly for a few DAYS now and my jasmine teas just aren't the same. tried a strawberry snow. yummo. tried the jasmine tea w/o pearls. meh. i think i'll try this concoction of yours. :) your day sounds awesome. have fun with la familia!