The GGA Project -- Day #194 "Up and at 'Em"

For going on four months now, I have been saying to myself (actually, not to myself alone...I've said it out loud at least 15 times) that I needed to get back to the gym.  I'd been on such a good roll there...putting the Monkey to bed and sneaking off for exercise at least 3 days a week.  I was feeling very comfortable in my own skin and ready to take on the cute, arm-baring summer dresses just ahead.

And then I got into a slump.  It was more than a slump.  It was the culmination of factors that--put together--left me feeling far too squishy.  First, I stopped going to the gym.  This is the number one thing.  I'd started working nearly full time and, between work and driving farther to get there and trying to still make a little time for this project, I didn't make time for the gym.

Second, I stopped preparing lunches to take to work and started buying my lunch too often.  Bad news.

Third, I weaned my son off breastfeeding.  Mothers-to-be...if you needed yet another reason to breastfeed, I've got it for you here: it does wonders for your metabolism.  I've heard this isn't always the case.  Unfortunately, some women's bodies actually have a harder time processing calories during nursing--I suppose it's the luck of the draw--but I lucked out in this category.  About 6 months after my son was born I found my metabolism seemed to kick into high gear, and though I was working out regularly, keeping off unwanted weight seemed ridiculously easy.  I knew it'd be a rude awakening when I cut the baby off, but I didn't know it'd be this rude.

Watching my parents step up the fitness routine recently has inspired me to finally find the time for the gym, and though it's less than ideal, early early morning seems to be it.  The nice thing about weaning my son is that he has finally begun to sleep all the way through the night.  Who knew a child (a person in general) could sleep so much?  So I figured I'd be able to get there, do my thing, and be back before he even realized I was gone.

Today's New Activity: Early Morning, Sporty Start to the Day

Turns out that plan worked out pretty well.

First, the bad news.  To get a grip on reality, I had to first weigh myself (because the gym scale always seems more brutally honest than the one I have at home).  To my surprise, what felt like a 15-pound gain was actually only 7.  But the difference should also be considered in terms of muscle loss versus fat gain, so that relatively small number is still very obvious in terms of tone loss and squish gain.

What finally got me back to the gym was this thought, which seems to be a recurring theme this week: I am the only person who can make improvements to my life.  Every single thing I feel is a response to the situation I've created through my own choices.  And the absolute beauty in this is that I can choose to start making any single thing in my life that I'm unhappy about different every single day!

I've made a lot of positive changes over the past year.  But I also recognize that I continue to relive some of the same patterns of behavior that I know will ultimately make me unhappy.  This--this return to fitness--is just one very tangible way I can start making the choices that bring me happiness.  There are many ways to improve the body's serotonin production; this seems one of the best options available to me at the moment :)

So.  The first day back was not as brutal as I feared.  Two things have changed since I was there last.  First, I had to add a year of age on when entering my program for the elliptical.  Second, they moved the giant fan in the cardio room to a place that makes a lot more sense, making for a much more pleasant experience there.  Nice!

As I'm mentioned before, I usually like to listen to the pop/hip-hop when working out.  I find the beats great for keeping the energy levels up.  And today I heard a Lil Wayne song I really liked--found I could identify with some of the lyrics.  I love all the good music I get to hear listening to Pandora.

But aside from the good feeling I had all day after having worked out, there was another bonus to being up so early.  I got to revisit the morning, which I love.  I hadn't been out of the house before 9 in weeks, so it felt good to be out experiencing more of the day.  On the drive there I saw these two, super tiny birds take off in flight and the beauty of the scene nearly made me cry.  The early morning is by far my favorite time of day.  I'm looking forward to reacquainting myself with it while getting my ass back in shape.  :)

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  1. Make sure you get up early, grab a cup o' tea, and head on out to the deck in Arnold. There's something really silent, sweet, and magical about morning in the mountains! Mmmmmmmmmmm!