The GGA Project -- Day #9 "La Bella Luna"

Well tonight's first will be a first for anybody participating, seeing as this particular event hasn't happened for 372 years.  But it would have been a first with me even without the special solstice event, as I've never seen *any* kind of eclipse before.

Today's New Activity:  Witnessing the Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

Wow.  As I write this, the moon is completely covered by the earth's shadow and it has taken on a gorgeous, reddish hue.  It is truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, and I feel lucky to have been witness to it.

I've been outside for about an hour and a half now, am nearly frozen and can hardly type, but sharing this experience with my parents has been singularly wonderful.  We have talked about wishes and gratitude, and have grasped sometimes with futility for the right words to describe this show nature has given us.

Also, watching as thousands of previously unseeable stars emerged from the darkness reminded me of the months I spent living in Flagstaff, AZ with my girlfriends Kelsi and Nicole, over 10 years ago now.  That was one of the happiest, most carefree and open-to-everything periods in my life, and it seems apropos to have it come to mind now.

What a magical night it has been...

And in totally unrelated news, except that it involves orbs that seem to be glowing but are really just reflecting light, I bought a lava lamp today.  It's not new to me, as I've had a few before, but it was new to the baby, who loved it and stared and pointed at it with enthusiasm.  Little hippie after my own heart! :)

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  1. wasn't that a magical sight? i was driving home from a visit to kelsi's and stardate came on npr talking about the lunar eclipse and when i realized, omg, this is happening NOW and i can witness it! i almost pulled over to the side of the road and jumped out of my car! luckily, i was just minutes from home and i felt all giddy like a kid waiting to see santa. not only had i never witnessed a lunar eclipse, but i'd never seen the moon DIRECTLY overhead before. i had to bend my neck at some crazy angle and look straight up at the heavens. it was magical. i ran inside and told raul and i even woke maya so she could see! it was well past midnight, too. i love space and stars and anything to do with the universe. i think i should have been an astronomer. ;)