The GGA Project -- Day #13 "Dirty, Dirty Bird"

As with Ecothrift, there is a bar I've passed many dozens of times since moving to my new town, and I've wanted to stop in and check it out.

Today's New Activity:  Afternoon Drink at The Dirty Bird with The Bro

I can't believe this, but in thinking about it, I've never been out for a sit-down drink with my brother before.  We've had a drink in the same room at plenty a party, sporting event, or dinner, and I've been to one of his favorite watering holes in L.A., The Shortstop (just down the hill from Dodger Stadium) a few times.  But we've never just taken an afternoon and gone for a beer and a chat.

So today seemed the perfect day to both catch up with the bro over a beer and examine the digs at The Dirty Bird.

Now, part of why I wanted to go into this bar in the first place was that it had dive written all over it.  Not dive like scary, scary scary dive.  Like lounge dive.  And not lounge like Ultra Lounge.  Lounge like The Regal Beagle lounge (Three's Company) or The Dresden Room lounge (Swingers).  My kinda place.

The Dirty Bird didn't disappoint.  It was pretty empty on Christmas Eve.  Just us and a Harry and a Larry, both looking pretty tore up and on the road to nowhere.  But they had a good music playing (heard the White Stripes and Coldplay, among others, while there), plenty of seating, and interesting paintings on the walls by artist Carrie Rose

It's always good to sit down and get down to real talk with my brother.  We can really pass a whole lot of time telling stories and making jokes, and not really talking about things that affect us on a deeper level.  But when we do, as we had the chance to during our hour at The Dirty Bird, I always come away refreshed, and more enlightened about myself, my family, and my sibling relationship than before--so I treasure these stolen moments.

Back at home, my Mama was making Christmas amazing, as usual, and warming a boysenberry, brie and almond dip for our collective enjoyment.  It's looking to be a pretty good night...

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