The GGA Project -- Day #7 "Appetized/Sweet Validation"

So this is a quickie, since it was a full day starting at 5:30am and a full shift at work, then dinner at home with my parents and visiting-from-out-of-town Aunt, then some monkey time and now off to a holiday party.  Yay for that kind of day.

Today's New Activity:  Sampling My Mom's Crostini with Carmelized Onion Jam

Super, super duper yummy.  I had to hold back in order to avoid ruining dinner, but it was tough.  That's cream cheese on the top, and a sprinkle of thyme, and the melting-in-my-mouth flavor was just amazing.

Oh, and in follow up to yesterday's post...

At work today I mentioned to two--only two--customers my encounter with Santa Evil.  BOTH of them knew all about that Santa and had experienced his evil themselves.  One of them is an employee at See's Candies in the mall where Santa works.  She said he goes in to See's everyday demanding samples, never smiles and spreads general bad will all around.  She said they've been complaining about him for three years.  But the upside was that, after leaving the bank, she came back a few minutes later with a gift certificate for See's, which she handed me telling me to get my son something nice to make up for his Santa trauma :)

Oh, how sweet life is...

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