The GGA Project -- Day #16 "On Color"

Color is my friend.  Really and truly.  I fill my living space with bold colors, and I'm not one to shy away from wearing them either.  I have a pair of bright green shoes and for the longest time owned an orange suede jacket. (Can't remember what happened to that one, but I loved it while it was mine.)

So, given how much I love to look at bright colors, it's strange that when it comes to anything electronic, or any larger ticket items, my color of choice is always black.  Black car.  Black camera.  Black netbook.  Black iPhone.  Black iPod.  I have always been a little leery about taking a leap of color faith when it comes to something I'm going to spend substantial money on, or which I will be looking at on a more permanent basis (it's easy to change your *scarf* if the color isn't treating you right.)

I surprised myself tonight, however, when I was at Best Buy looking to spend a generous gift certificate from my parents (thanks, parents!) on a compact digital camera.

Today's New Activity: I Choose Red!

To some people, this may not be a groundbreaking new activity, but for me, it WAS taking a little step into unchartered territory.  And it felt good.  I mean, the saleswoman wouldn't even let me open the box to see what shade of red my new camera would be.  I had to take a chance on red!  There is red good and red evil, and I was relieved to get home and find this to be of the former variety.  I can definitely live with it and see myself coming to love it :)

Now, the only problem I see here is that this means I'll be taking even more hundreds of pictures of the monkey.  What to do with all these digital images??  I'm getting worse about going back and deleting the less-than-ideal shots.  So one simple activity he may engage in like sitting and eating blueberries can easily result in 14 pictures.  No good!  Oh well, at least I have more space to work with now, and it'll be very nice to have a more portable camera option that produces better images (and video!) than my phone.

Can't wait for the little guy to wake up and do something picture worthy, like pick his nose, drink water, or breathe :P

And just a note about him....today I had to deal with the unpleasant business I alluded to yesterday.  It was not as unpleasant as I'd anticipated.  In fact, with a shift in my thinking about it, it turned out instead to be a long-overdue opportunity to speak my mind in the interest of my family's future.  And I can honestly say that, in light of today's challenge, I am going to bed a better woman than I was when I awoke.

There's something to aim for: how to achieve that feeling on a daily basis? ...

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  1. i'm all for bright colors, too! ;) and i can't imagine you being better than you already are. ;)but i know what you mean and i'm glad you feel that way about the day and your experience and yourself. i love you big, mama!