The GGA Project -- Day #18 "Really? Your Lunch?"

Ohhhh Golly.  So today was one of those days when I thought fitting in a new activity would be tough.  But I was excited to realize there are scores of restaurants near my work that I've never eaten at.  I usually bring my lunch, but it's nice to get out every now and then.  I would just check out Dino's -- some kind of burger/pasta/Greek hybrid that looked greasy in the good way and which I've been wanting to try for a while.

I was feeling good about my new lunch spot.  I was, anyway, until I snapped a picture of my actual meal

and realized, holy sh!t, I'm about to become one of those people who blog about their mf'n LUNCH!  Oh no.  How did I let that happen?  I couldn't let that happen.  So maybe it's better to just say that I tried a new place for lunch and leave the details out (?)  I don't know.  That's the veggie patty version of their San Franciscan burger up there, since I know you were wondering.

Other minor lunchtime firsts:  I ate one of the pickles they included in the basket.  I really can't stand pickles, but I hadn't tested that opinion in a while.  I thought, 'hey, while I'm trying new things, why not revisit the whole pickle thing.  I might find I like them now.'

Yeah, no.  Still hate the pickles.

And yes...blogging about pickles now.  Whew!

So then, why not make *this* one the official Today's New Activity: Stealing the Wi-Fi Outside Starbucks

After eating I was too full to add even a coffee to the mix, but I did want to catch up on some e-mail.  Well, look at that!  A parking spot right outside Starbucks.  Don't mind if I do.  I'm pretty sure the couple sitting in the car next to mine was there to steal Wi-Fi too.

Hey, here's a potential first for you, too:  sit for a minute and try to imagine explaining what I'm talking about in that last paragraph to somebody who died in the 1970's or earlier.  Even the 1980's.  I've thought about that before...how I would try to explain the Internet and e-mail to, say, my great-grandmother.  It is so WEIRD when you think about it, and especially when you think of how much time we spend doing things online.  Even just the phrase: "doing things online..."  What does that mean, really?  What did we do before to pass our time?

Moving right along...another first for the day:  horrible stomachache for the duration of the afternoon, following my greasy quasi-burger from the greasy spoon.  Big surprise!  But that wasn't anything I did myself--it just kind of happened to me, so I can't really count that.  Not only that though...I was also so very, very sleepy I didn't think I was going to make it through my shift.  And that is why I usually bring some light-to moderate lunch of leftovers or rice and beans, rather than spring for some gut-buster that's gonna bring on the zzzzz's.

Oh my god, I'm going to put my own self to sleep just with the incredibly uninspired boredom of this post!  This is what working in a bank all day does for my creativity :P

Anyway, I also took a new route to pick up the baby after work (bad move...it was waaaayyyy the long way; I won't be repeating that move).

Update on an earlier GGA post:  I found I didn't care much for Chuck Palahniuk's Diary, and I went ahead and stopped listening.  Actually, "putting down" a book-on-CD was a first as well.  I long ago allowed myself to stop reading books I didn't like, but it seems like the ultimate in lazy to stop a CD, seeing as I wasn't doing anything in the first place.  But I just couldn't take it anymore.  Not only were the characters and events kind of (very much) far-fetched, in certain senses, but I was annoyed with the reader as well.  It's hard to listen to an audio tape when you don't like the reader.  I was fed up listening to Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food because the reader came off so snooty and sarcastic.  I loved the subject matter, but I barely made it through that one.  Anyway, the #1 thing that got on my nerves with Palahniuk's writing was this sentence structure, repeated over and over and over again, driving me crazy:

Modifier + subject + verb

As in,

"Looking over her reading glasses, Granmy says, "....""
"Staring at the painting on the wall, Misty Kleinman says, "...""

Ugh.  That was the other thing.  I think in the first 3 disks I heard, the phrase "Poor Misty Marie Kleinman" was used no less than 32 times.  And I'm not exaggerating.  Yeah. I have to add something to my little sidebar phrase.  Life is also too short for annoying audio books!


  1. good for you! who wants to waste life on boring/annoying books. even if they are on a cd. life IS too short to do anything that is boring or repetitive. if we can help it, that is. it's like eating a desert or any kind of food just to finish it or not waste it even if it tastes bland or terrible. boooo! ah, the internet. i don't know what we did before then. better stuff, i think sometimes. or maybe we sat around and were bored more. actually, boredom is good for you. makes you invent things and think of creative things to do. i shouldn't even be on here now. i should be inventing something.

  2. While Nicole invents something (and I'm sure she will!), a comment on books: I totally agree with you RE: literary irritations. I absolutely LOVE reading Jonathan Kellerman, who writes gruesome police/detective novels. It's pure word candy, and it's what I did before Internet. But the man will use the word "BAILIWICK" more than once in a novel? EH? I use the word once every ten YEARS! How could he possibly get away with that? It just jumps right off the page and bites you in the face. So I agree: Turn off the CD and find something New and Unusual to listen to!