The GGA Project -- Day #11 "3D"

Is it a crime that I'm 32 years old and have never seen a 3D movie in the theater until tonight?  Guilty!  And I'm ready to reform my crimin' ways.  My friend Kenneth was so impressed with this movie after seeing it Sunday that I thought he was going to call in sick to work on Monday just so he could see it again.  So when he said he was going back for more tonight, I jumped right on that nerd tram.  He's all nuts for the music, too (soundtrack by Daft Punk), so I'm excited to check that aspect out.

Today's New Activity: 3D Movie!

I hardly ever make it to the theater to see new movies.  And I definitely never go out of my way to see futuristic/sci-fi movies.  But this one actually has some semblance of connection and appeal for me because I remember watching the original in my 3rd grade reading class (why oh why I'll never know) and liking it in all its glowing tunnelness (I remember absolutely nothing about the characters or plot, so I'm grasping for straws here).

And heavens-to-Betsy, I have the chance to see my first ever 3D movie in the IMAX experience version, no less.  Double appeal.

I have to confess I'm doing something here I think I'll have to do with some frequency, which is cheating with a pre-activity post to ensure the timestamp registers my new fun thing before midnight.  I'll check back in with a bit about the movie and the 3D experience itself...

And having absolutely nothing to do with *any*thing (getting good at ending like that), my boss said something yesterday that reminded me of two blogs from my previous life that I thought I'd link to here for fun.  She was talking in the "morning huddle" (Our bank's little pre-opening sell, sell, sell pep talk).  I don't even remember what my boss was telling the PBs they should do, but she said that doing it would "kill a stone and two birds" (she is from out-of-town....like, halfway around the world out-of-town).  Which totally reminded me of my own issues with remembering adages, and then my difficulty in keeping from laughing after she said this reminded me of my own issues with, well, basic immaturity.  Funny how these themes circle back 'round.

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