The GGA Project -- Day #3 "Stop"

I miss snail mail.  Really, I do.  I know it's still there and everything, and that at any point I can elect to find a pen pal and pick up paper and pen all old-fashioned like.  I might.  I have known and had the chance to correspond with some truly talented letter writers, and I love the way taking the time to respond in handwriting slows down the process and affects the kind of subjects one chooses to discuss.

Some of my friends are real junkies for stationary, writing utensils, stamps, etc, and I am with them.  And some people I know are also similarly nostalgic for other outdated forms of communication.  So I was super excited when I read a blurb in Real Simple Magazine about Telegramstop.com, a website that allows you to type in a message, which it sends by mail to the recipient in the form of a real telegram, the word STOP replacing periods, and all.  Super Cool.

 Today's New Activity:  Sending a Telegram  I thought of the two people I know most likely to appreciate this little surprise and sent one to each.  I wish I could be there to see them open up that airmail thin envelope and step back into the 1940's, if only for an instant :)

Here is a preview of how one will look when it arrives (intentionally semi-legible, of course).  

I'm hoping to start a telegrammin' revolution.  Sure, Facebook messages and e-mail are fast and easy, but they don't give you that thing-to-hold-onto sense of satisfaction.  Letters would be great, as well.  So if you're looking for a pen pal, let me know.  Writing letters is one of my favorite things to do in all the world, so I welcome the chance to activate that letter-writing part of my brain (and hand) again.


  1. OMG. i hope i am one of the lucky recipients!! (if not, sign me up! if so, sorry if i ruined a surprise!) i am so with you on the actual, physical, papery forms of communication. i am currently working on a daily journal for the month of december. just a little one. with little blurbs about each day and sometimes a photo to attach. fun fun. what's keeping me from writing real letters? oh, kids, i guess. but i can still write little postcards and send them. hmmm... that gives me an idea! maybe you'll have a ZURprise in the mail soon!

  2. LOVE this idea, LOVE it. My only concern would be that if I sent a telegram to a couple people in my life, they might drop dead of a coronary. I guess I associate receiving telegrams with bad news, like soldiers' folks opening the door and collapsing when they saw one clutched in the hand of the carrier. As for pen pals, I have some OUTRAGEOUSLY interesting students who might LOVE a correspondence with a balanced and thoughtful adult. It sure would be a switch from their life NOW! Think about it...