The GGA Project -- Day #350 "In With the Old..."

Feel me, ladies: it's hard to make new girlfriends, right?

I mean, it's easy to make acquaintances, easy to make little connections here and there, but the idea of making an actual girlfriend, especially at this point in my life...I don't know.  I think it's tough.  In the past I've been able to make new friends through work.  And a lot of those friendships have stuck, withstanding marriages and children and all.  But it's been years since I made a new, actual hangout girlfriend, at work or otherwise.

Today's New Activity: ...In With the New (Friends)

Today I asked one of my coworkers if she wanted to join me in celebrating two of my friends' birthdays.  What was different for me about this was that I not only reached out to spend time outside of work with a woman whom I could easily see becoming a bona fide girlfriend, but that I brought her into a realm where former co-workers and long-established friends were.  A former version of me would have never done this.

I know other people don't struggle with this at all.  They mix up all their friends and don't give even a second's thought to how certain of their friends reflect on who they are or how they'll be perceived (or re-perceived) by the other friend(s).  But I've finally realized and accepted that I alone am responsible for how others perceive me.  My friends are my friends because they are good people whom I've come to know and accept and appreciate.  And that's it.  Personality differences and variations in humor or interests or demeanor or appearance are irrelevant.  Anybody I'd want to be friends with would know this much or at least be able to be open to the idea.

So she came, and we had a good time.  And I didn't spend any time at all worrying about it.  And I think we may actually become (at least some version of) friends.  Lucky me :)

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