The GGA Project -- Day #333 "Crossing Over, Overdue"

Well this is one of those things I just can't believe I've never done, with over a decade in the bay area under my belt.  I guess it falls into the category of touristy things you don't think to do when you live in a place.

Except that I don't, in fact, live in San Francisco.  I just like to reap all the benefits of being a stone's (really amazing) throw away. 

Today's New Activity: Walking Across the Golden Gate Bridge

I don't think all the double, double, toil and trouble in a band of witches' cauldron could have conjured up better weather for it.  This, folks, is Northern California in early November :)

How nice it was, too, that my parents and Monkey were able to join in the fun today.

For the record--and in case you're considering crossing this landmark bridge yourself--it doesn't take long at all to cover the just over 2-mile trek across and back.  Well, not unless you stop to take 40,000 pictures.  Not that I would know anything about that.  Hey!  I said it was touristy!

There are still about a million things I would like to do in The City that I haven't gotten around to yet.  And with just over a month left in this project, chances are most of them won't make it onto this blog.  But I'm so happy that this past year has afforded me the opportunity to get off my ass, out of my rut and my backyard, and take in some of the wonders this area has to offer.

And you know...one more thing.  I was thinking about it, and why is this blog even "anonymous" at this point?  When I started this project, I was concerned about certain people finding the blog and reading about me and what was going on in my life.  That was like a worst case scenario for me at the time I started writing again.  But that thing I didn't want to happen already did happen, and many months ago at that.  What am I worried about at this point besides the thought of being all the way out there?

No more hiding.  Just over 30 days left to go, I'm finally ready to begin truly living out loud--joyfully, gratefully, abundantly...

My name is Kisa.

...and this is my beautiful son, Kalil.

Thank you so much for reading...


  1. :) you are beautiful mama! kalil is beautiful, too. i love your beautiful family!

  2. Amazing photos, amazing faces, amazing feelings... You have so much to be proud of, and so many things to let you know you've been abundantly blessed...<3