The GGA Project -- Day #343 "No Veggie Version? What the Pho?"

Oh pho (pronounced "fuh").  What a beautiful gift you have been to America.  I'd never encountered the yummy Vietnamese soup dish until I moved to the Bay Area (home to a substantial Vietnamese population), but now that I have, I get hankerings for it every now and then.  What I love about it even more than the taste is that, for a Westerner like me, it's not so easy to eat.  It takes coordination and patience, and halfway in I'm usually too tired and full to go any further.  But that's okay.  It's the ritual feeling too it that I like.  I LOVE foods that take a long time to consume, especially when they're shared.

But anyway, this is not about pho.  It would have been, except that--to my surprise--the restaurant I visited tonight didn't serve a vegetarian version.

Today's New Activity: Dinner at PHO Asian Bistro

It was fine, because PHO Asian Bistro, in Dublin, served a few other noodle vegetarian dishes, like these:

 Vegetarian Pho Thai (pad thai style noodle dish):

Bun Chay (tofu and bell pepper salad with vermicelli noodles, served with chili dressing):

All in all, while not being all that authentic (I don't think), the dishes were plenty tasty and filling.  Must continue the hunt for the Hayward/Pleasanton/Dublin area's best (only?) veggie Pho spot...

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