The GGA Project -- Day #348 "Sweet Start"

Last weekend after the 5K action, the racers and I headed to a little greasy spoon up in Vallejo called Scotty's.  Scotty's was not only a pretty decent greasy spoon, they also had a full case of big-ass donuts for the offering.  And though I used to eat donuts a-plenty (especially in my childhood), I realized it'd been quiet some time (over two years, when I think about it) since I'd had one.  The idea that I must amend that soon landed hard in the back on my mind.

This morning I dropped the Monkey off at his Dad's to spend the day.  I knew my Dad and bro would be off golfing for a while, and my Mom doing her my-"help"-would-just-be-getting-in-the-way part of the Thanksgiving dinner preparation for some time.  With a few hours to myself then, I set out in the opposite direction from where I usually turn to head home, with the idea of finding a decent spot for breakfast.  I thought it was probably too much to ask to get donuts and wi-fi in the same place, or to find a donut place that took debit cards.  So I consider it divine providence that I was getting gas across the street from a little spot that advertised ALL THREE on its sign.

Today's New Activity: Contemplating Thanks at the Region's Most Ridiculously Well-Stocked, Open 24-Hours (Even on Thanksgiving) Donut Shop

I have a feeling that Happy Donuts, in Palo Alto, will make quick work of all these pre-prepped boxes.

After all, even on Thanksgiving morning the place was well-trafficked.  It helps their business, I'm sure, that the staff is friendly, the wifi fast, and their space the largest I've ever seen for a donut shop!

And festive!

I found myself wishing I'd discovered it long ago.  The fact that it had dedicated parking and was off the main University Ave. strip would have made it a nice alternative to some of the time I've spent in the area in days past.  Oh well, I know now...

Ok, I felt like a super dork for taking so many pictures of the inside of a donut shop, but you seriously have to check out this selection.  Look at the drink cases alone!

The main donut case...

and the overflow donut cases:

Jeez Louise!  And oh, did I mention muffins and bagels?  There was a whole breakfast and regular sandwich menu as well.

Cigarettes anybody?

So yeah.  Since this would be my first donut in some time, I decided, what the hell, go all out with an apple fritter (right, like I wouldn't have gone for the apple fritter anyway).  But apparently my sweet consumption capabilities just aren't what they used to be (I swear I remember vividly being able to eat a King Sized Snickers in one sitting when I was 7 years old), so I brought it home to share.

But at that point it wasn't even about the donut.  I was just thankful to be out and about in the morning, thankful to find a nice new place with good wifi, thankful for the family I'd find when I got home, thankful Kalil would be back in the early evening, thankful for my health and employment, thankful for friends old and new, thankful for both the sunshine on that side of the bay and the rain back home on my side, thankful for laughter and joy.

In a word, thankful...


  1. i'm starting to drool like homer simpson... dooonuts! i remember walking to a donut shop that was attached to a safeway that was off san carlos right by my dad's house. i remember walking there all by myself with a friend to get donuts and milk in the morning for breakfast after a sleepover. i miss donut shops!

  2. MMM. we had doughnuts this morning. Uncle Mike is in town and that means the sugar quotient goes up at the McMartins. It's already pretty high. So instead of one desert per evening, we have multiple choices, and doughnut runs to boot.