The GGA Project -- Day #328 "Art Walk"

For years I have been wanting to experience the South First Fridays art walk in downtown San Jose.  As I mentioned in by post about the Sub Zero Festival, I neglected to explore this scene even when I was living around the corner and all it would have taken was for me to walk (quite literally) 50 paces from my front door.

Tonight, before heading to The Workout dance party at The Agenda, Nicole and I poked around in two of the museums that are part of the art walk, one of which I'd never even noticed (though, again, it was around the corner of my house).

Today's New Activity: Visiting Art Boutiki & MACLA

We wanted some time to get coffee and have a chat before I went dancing, so we didn't make it to all the stops on the walk, but these two were interesting enough for me.  Art Boutiki was displaying the art of a single artist, but the back studio space was open as well, where they were serving refreshments.  Quasimodal Quartet, a jazz band whose members I knew from college, happened to be playing there too.  What a pleasant surprise!

MACLA (Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana) displayed works from Cuban artists, including some photographs of a young Fidel Castro.  Muy interesante!

It was almost odd for me to realize that San Jose indeed has its own art scene.  There were so many people milling around who looked like exactly what you'd expect when you ponder the idea of artsy people.  I felt a little bit old at times, and a little bit not skinny enough, but mostly comfortable.  And it made me want to make more time for it when I get the next opportunity.  It would be great to see what else the creative minds out there are producing.

And following all that up with techno dancing was just great.  I guess I must have really needed to expend some energy, because I was sweating by 3 minutes into the deal and scarcely took a break from dancing during the next 2 hours or so.  Finally (and always wonderful) was the chance to head back to Nicole's house, where Maya had fallen asleep next to a wide awake Nicole, listening to Tori Amos on her computer, Raul, Brielle and Zach wandered in and out of the living room, Sureya slept soundly in her parents' room, and I tucked into a sweetly made-up mattress bed on the floor (thanks Nicole!) to inhabit my honorary space in their family.

Tonight, I'm loving life.

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