The GGA Project -- Day #336 "Well I Would Be Doing This Anyway, But..."

Did you know they pay people to do this thing--the blogging/social media thing--I do?  I mean, I guess on some level I knew that.  I didn't imagine somebody was sitting around creating content for The Department of Weights and Measures Twitter feed just for fun: "The sign advertised $1.98, but the item rang up $1.99.  Take that, suckas!"

It's not that I've never thought about getting paid for the effort I put forth in the daily writing area.  I just never considered it a viable possibility.  And who knows?  Maybe it's not.  But today--riding what's left of that anything-is-possible wave I rediscovered a few months back--I'm considering it so.

Today's New Activity: Dream Job Applyin'

A while back I proclaimed that I wasn't going to apply for any more jobs that I didn't actually want.  It may sound like an obvious decision (why would anybody apply for a job she didn't want?); then again it might sound spoiled rotten (you take what you can get in these tough times!).  How about something in between (you keep what you've got while looking for your heart's desire)?  Perfect.

So tonight I searched Craigslist for jobs in the writing/editing category with the intention of finding a way to make money doing what I really love.  I found lots of jobs that fit the description, including a blogging job.  And I applied for it.  It's kind of difficult to apply for a non-specific blogging job (the name of the company was not included in the job description), but I went for it anyway.

And I think I should make a habit of it--at least until that first paycheck arrives...

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