The GGA Project -- Day #334 "In Which the Fast-Approaching Holidays Send People a-Baking..."

I really don't know what made me seek out the recipe for

Today's New Activity: Baking Christmas Strawberry Bread

especially since I've very recently ranted about how much I dislike baked fruit.  I realized that goes for only some fruit.  I love baked strawberries and blueberries but dislike just about every other baked fruit that comes to mind.  And I'm also not sure what made this recipe Christmas Strawberry Bread as opposed to just regular strawberry bread (maybe the tablespoon of cinnamon (?)), but anyway, it sounded good.

You just take all this:

Mix it all up together and pop it into loaf pans....

Cook up a ridiculously sweet glaze on the stovetop...

drizzle it up real good, slice, and enjoy!

It was after midnight by the time the bread was done and cooled enough for glazing and sampling, so it's quite possible my tastebuds were off, but I was surprised that the three tons of sugar and strawberry extract--together with the sweetened frozen strawberries the recipe called for--weren't a sweetness attack.  It was actually a pretty low-key level of sweet, which is much more to my liking anyway.

Remembering to set the oven to convection bake rather than regular bake would have made for more even cooking, so I'll have to remember that for next time, but overall I was happy enough with the results.  Can't wait to let Kalil have a go at it tomorrow :)

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