The GGA Project -- Day #133 "Falafel Misfire"

**Unintended first for the day**  For the past 133 days, I have been carefully, sometimes obsessively taking measures to ensure there's a post up here for every single day.  Sometimes it means putting a placeholder up just to make it so the eventual post has a timestamp for the day the new activity occurred.  As I left my house this evening, I told myself to remember to do this from my phone at some point, some point before midnight.  And I guess I was having too much fun cuz that didn't happen.  Whoops!  So, there will be no post for April 23rd, though the activity for Day #133 did happen on the 23rd.  So now that it's happened and there were no terrible consequences apart from my own annoyance with myself for having forgotten, I'll stop worrying about it so much...

So then.

Today was my gal Nicole's birthday.  Or more accurately, it's the day we chose to celebrate her birthday, since her birthday is actually tomorrow--Easter.  We wanted to get some pearl tea in downtown San Jose, but lunch first.  Nicole wasn't hungry, or she didn't think she was when we were deciding where to go, so she left the decision on where to go up to me.

My first instinct was to head to La Victoria.  But then I remembered the complex feelings I have about La Vic's, which I've shared before here, and I decided it was a good idea to try a new restaurant.

Nicole had just received a flyer for a new Mediterranean joint downtown, so went to check it out.

Today's New Activity: Lunch at the Kebab Shack

The Kebab Shack was a cute, unimposing place with simple decor and a pretty pared-down menu.  No matter.  A falafel pita was what I was in the mood for anyway, which they had.  And some fries.

I thought that seemed like a sound decision, until I read the description of what Nicole had ordered.  And therein lies the "misfire" part of the falafel.  How much more awesome the experience would have been if I'd read the whole menu first and realized I could have my fries inside the sandwich, along with hummus.  That's what one menu item (the "Aprodite" was it?) gets you!

Just genius.  I'll remember it for next time.  This wasn't the best falafel I've eaten, but it was good and I'd be back, especially because the service was super friendly and the place clean with outside seating available.

The only bummer to the otherwise nice outing was that Kelsi (who also came to join in honoring Nicole's day) and I both managed to get parking tickets just 3 minutes before we returned to our cars.  Ugh.  They've upped the fee to $40 per violation!  So I suppose that was some pretty expensive falafel, but nothing could get me down today, so it's all good.

Aww, just lookit that birthday cutie!  :)  Oh Happy Day, Nika.  I'm so glad you're here on this planet!

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  1. i'm glad i'm here, too! thanks for the sweet birthday wishes and for the yummy birthday food. i'm always happy to explore new places with you. even if it's just the new kebab shack (and i want to say it in a funny voice, too, keBAB)!