The GGA Project -- Day #111 "Roll with It"

Unfortunately, or fortunately, they were running low on payroll hours at the bank where I work, and my choices were to transfer to a different, further away branch, or be out a job.  Um, jobs are good.  This is especially on my mind as I see dozens of unemployment checks every week, and while it's nice they're available to people, I'd rather not be receiving one myself.

So I decided to take the transfer, but I was not excited about it.  Not only was the idea of a longer commute unpleasant, I'd been to the new branch on one occasion and I found it to be small and strange.  Small as in nothing more that a room the size of a large public restroom (not that I'm comparing it to one, it just really is that small), and strange because I'm coming from a branch that just had 2-inch thick barrier glass installed on the teller line, going to a branch where the tellers literally stand at little podiums just 2 feet away from customers (a foot and a half, if they're close-talkers).

Today's New Activity: Intimate Banking

I can't say I loved the glass barrier setup at the branch I'm leaving.  It felt very impersonal, and by the end of a shift my throat would be sore from how loudly I had to talk just to communicate the most basic information to customers.  And forget about getting commissions from referrals after that glass went up--it just wasn't worth the trouble and the shouting.

Still, I think the glass is comforting when compared to the in-your-face banking that took place today.  Thankfully I didn't have any smelly folks at my little podium today.  My sense of smell is so strong that I can often smell the smelly folks even through the relatively small breaks in the glass at my old branch.  You know, I've work in a public/retail work environment for years, but never have I experienced so many Stinky McPoochilas as I have in working at a bank.  What IS that?  Well anyway, I didn't have to deal with any of that.  Also, in the brief 2 hours that I was actually working with customers and not signing for the receipt of keys or codes or all the whatnot regulatory stuff, I managed to already see three familiar faces from the old branch.  So that was a pleasant surprise and a little bit of familiar to ease the transition.

My coworkers had given me a nice send-off yesterday, complete with flowers and a pretty balloon and lunch from the neighboring BEST THAI FOOD RESTAURANT EVER (which I will now go out of my way to visit--try the Chu Chee Tofu, the spicy version...*Amazing*  I will be forever indebted to my friend Elizabeth for introducing me to it), and I was surprised at how sad I was to leave there.  I don't usually get emotional about leaving jobs, but a few of the people there have been wonderful spots of light through a difficult time, and I wasn't excited about undergoing a transition right now in the way that I normally am.  So it was especially nice to find my new coworkers welcoming and friendly, and a good bit more laid back than at my old branch (I guess having the recognized need for 2-inch thick barrier glass can leave people feeling a little on edge).

The commute will not be fun.  But hopefully the process of getting to know new coworkers and customers will be.  I've decided to just go along with it, be gratefully to be employed, and see what new adventures I can get into.  Oooooh, and there are plenty of new food options to explore, too ;)

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