The GGA Project -- Day #139 "Caught in the Fervor"

Up until now, I was definitely the kind of person who would poo poo the idea of watching a royal wedding, and I would think that only somebody with a deeply thrill-deprived life would waste any time thinking about, watching, or talking about these types of events, which had no impact whatsoever on their own lives.

Man, getting older sure does change your perspective.

Today's New Activity: Giving a Royal Sh!te

I was fully planning on staying awake to watch the Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton early this morning, but that's when I thought the wedding was at 1am.  Coverage started at 1am, but the actual wedding wasn't to happen until about 3am.  So I woke up at my normal time and devoted a full hour in the morning to watching the recorded event...the run up anyway.

When I came home my parents were hosting some friends from Colorado, and of course the wedding came up as a topic of conversation.  In fact, I was the one who brought it up.  And what followed was a good 45-minute conversation about the royals, replete with all kinds of juicy tidbits I'd never heard.  To show how big the rock I was living under: I didn't even know that Diana or Charles had affairs or that Harry's legitimacy was in question (though I had marveled at the lack of resemblance between him and William).  I didn't know anything of Camilla's role or of the near-arranged nature of Charles and Diana's marriage.

After dinner we sat down and watched about 1 1/2 of the wedding coverage and talked more about it.  And then I couldn't resist another dose via Entertainment Tonight, which is the absolute silliest show to watch but the very best one for this sort of thing.  How's this for cornball coverage: "coming up, footage of the kiss felt around the world."  Haha.

But it was fun, tuning into this ultra girlie side of myself and not feeling a smidge bit guilty or unsophisticated for actually caring about these people I'll never  meet.  I'm happy for them, as they seem so very happy themselves.  And I wish them many many years of joy and all the privacy they can manage to enjoy.

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  1. the only news coverage i heard about the royal wedding was on a christian radio station on the way driving to pick maya up in modesto. the lady was going on about how wonderful it is to see "traditional values" celebrated and such. "especially with all the recent attacks on marriage in the US". wha? what EVA. ;) i will say i do think the two newlyweds make a cute couple and i hope that they can enjoy some privacy despite being so world famous.