The GGA Project -- Day #135 "Not a Cookie, Not a Muffin"

Since I've already admitted to having the palate of a 5-year-old, I may as well make it worse here by admitting that I'm a raisin picker outer.  Whether or not a cinnamon roll has raisins in it is what decides if I'll be ordering one, even if it looks like the absolute best, gooiest, yummiest cinnamon roll ever.

I like fruit.  I like it a lot.  I just don't like warm fruit, or even if the fruit-induced pastry isn't warm, I don't like dried fruit--and once it's been baked all the yummy sweetness of the original fruit is just gone.  Well, it seems that way to me, anyway.  About the only exception in my mind are blueberries.  I don't know how it is that they're special, but they are.

Still, as I've mentioned before, I've found that a lot of my food tastes have changed and that many things I thought I didn't like have grown on me.  So when I went to Panera on my break today, I decided to choose something that was a departure from all the things I know I like.

Today's New Activity: Taking a Gamble on Warm Fruit

Turns out Panera sells Strawberries and Cream scones.  It may sound good to you.  It even sounded good to me at first read, until I remembered that all fruit changes texture and flavor--and not for the better--when baked.  But still, I thought 'what the hell, I'm trying new things.'

And that scone, which I warmed up when I got back to the branch, was one of the best scones I've ever eaten.  A little butter and it might have actually been divine, if I used words like divine.

Cooked raisins are still a no-no, but maybe we'll get there eventually.

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