The GGA Project -- Day #125 "Technicolor Clothing"

This is a quickie.

I'm one of those people who shrinks from wearing prints of almost any kind.  Stripes is about as far as I'll typically stray from my comfy, cozy solids of choice, when it comes to clothes.  I'll wear super saturated colors, no problem, but prints generally intimidate me.

Today I stopped in at Old Navy on my way to work to check out their sale on summer dresses.  I found a style I liked and immediately took it off the rack in white...safe, familiar white.

Then I remembered that I bought a near-identical dress in white just last year!  It was time for

Today's New Activity: Out-of-the-Comfort-Zone Dress Buy

So.  Instead of boring old white, I decided to go with this print:

Hmmm, kinda tough to make out from that picture.  And it's not an insane departure from my comfort zone.  All the colors are colors that I would choose on their own.  I just wouldn't have necessarily worn them all at once.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it feels to have them on :)

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